Big Data – Simple Explanation

A recent technology trend these days is “Big Data”, a few new startups are also getting big funding for Big Data. I have to admit i never really stopped to pay attention to what Big Data really means and if it related to me, I just assumed i knew what it was all about and i was kinda right.

I came across a very good article which explained it pretty simply and I received a few interesting takeaways.

The value of any data is only as valuable as the information and insights we can extract from it. It is the information and insights that will help us make better decisions and give us a competitive edge. The promise of big data is that one could glean lots of information and gain many valuable insights. However, people often don’t realize that data and information are not the same. Even if you are able to extract information from your big data, not all of it will be insightful and valuable.

Dr. Michael Wu

insight (less than) information (less than) data.

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